The Elephant in the Room

Access to Private Information and Private Property By Quintin Johnstone, CEO of Riskboss Inc. The Elephant in the Room As described by Wikipedia, “Elephant in the room” is an American English metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk Read more

Risky Business

Condominiums & Short Term Rentals By Alex Zhvanetskiy, Vice President of Samsonshield Inc. The short-term condominium rental market is not a new fad or phenomena. It has been around for decades in North America. With the growth of condominiums Read more

Illegal Access Fob Copying

A Serious Security and Safety Concern in Residential Condominiums By Ken Shibasaki, Senior Analyst Riskboss Inc. Illegal Fob Copying Services There has been a growing and disturbing security and safety trend in the residential condominium industry in the GTA: Read more

Manhattan History

Gangs of the Infamous 19th Century New York Five Points By Manhattan Historian and Tour Guide Joyce Gold Martin Scorcese’s movie Gangs of New York focuses on a once notorious mid-19th century part of New York City: the infamous Five Points in Manhattan’s Read more

Worth Thinking About

Imagine for a moment that you won a prize.  Each morning $86,400 is deposited into your bank.    BUT there are rules! You have to use all the $$ each day or lose it The $$ cannot be transferred to Read more

Ask Riskboss

Q & A:  Straight Answers to Hard Asked Questions Question from a Toronto residential condominium property manager: Q:  I am a property manager in a newer condominium in Toronto.  I have heard about people being able to access condominium Read more