Editorial Commentary


By Samantha Wharton

Riskboss Magazine Senior Editor

Wow! What a response from the last edition, especially the Defunding the Police article. Most of the reader commentary came from people who told us that they had little knowledge of what police have done throughout the past decade despite funding and staffing cutbacks. Thanks for all the comments. We also want to thank emergency responders on the front lines in our communities for their services.

Riskboss Magazine continues to grow. We have expanded our readership base to include residents in condominiums that our sister company, Samsonshield, services. Over twenty thousand condominium households now receive electronic copies of our magazine. The goal is to get important information to as many households as possible. If you would like residents in your community to receive our magazine electronically, please give us a shout, and we will set it up.

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We hope you like this edition and feel that the read is time well spent.


Reader Commentary

Thanks for your article on Defunding the Police. It really puts into perspective a lot of misinformation recently about what police are actually expected to do and how they are funded. Given that it takes several years to train police officers into being reliable generalists in the role of policing, we are in a position where we really need to focus on future growth of police services to ensure there is a transfer of knowledge between retiring officers and new recruits. With many police officers ready to retire, it seems like the time to improve our bench strength.

Richard C., Toronto Police Service Detective (Retired)

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your commentary Richard and thank you for your service to the community.

We live in a condominium that is serviced by Samsonshield as the security provider. We travel a lot and sometimes for many months. If it were not for the advice we got from Samsonshield before we left on our trip about their extended absence check program, we might have had our insurance voided. Thanks, Samsonshield, for checking in on our unit while we were away. It gave us a lot of peace of mind.

Carla V. and Stephanie L., Condominium Residents in Toronto

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your commentary Carla and Stephanie. This is one of the most important and most overlooked things when people travel. We wrote a response to your question in this issue.