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By Samantha Wharton Riskboss Magazine Senior Editor Most initially thought it would be over relatively quickly, but we all know now that this is not the case. COVID19 and the dramatic impact it has had on the world appears Read more

Legal Updates

Legal update short-term rentals

Life’s a Party, Except When It Isn’t By Tony Bui, Associate Lawyer, Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP The overlapping issues of short-term rentals, parties and condominium liability are problematic enough without the added risk of a COVID19 outbreak. Condominiums are Read more

Toronto History

toronto history pandemics in Toronto

Pandemics in Toronto By Bruce Bell, Toronto Historian I was hopeful when I read recently that producer David Mirvish had sent letters to ticket holders saying that the smash musical, “Hamilton” will return, optimistically within 18 months. Coupled with Read more

Ask Riskboss

Ask us ask Riskboss

Q & A:  Straight Answers to Hard Asked Questions Question from Christine L., Toronto High-Rise Tenant Q: I checked out the apartment building I am living at and found some postings about bed bugs. What are my rights after Read more

Fire Watch Programs

fire watch programs

What Is It and When Is It Required? By Jason Reid, Senior Advisor National Life Safety Group Just over three years ago, a residential high-rise building in downtown Toronto experienced a fire but the fire alarm system didn’t work Read more

Social Engineering Exploitation

Social engineering

What is it and how does it affect everyone? By Samantha Wharton, Founder of The Hemera Group “In the context of information security, social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. This Read more

The Elephant in the Room – Defunding the Police

elephant in the room

Defunding the Police – Community Impact & Influence By Quintin Johnstone, Founder & CEO of Samsonshield Inc. / Riskboss Inc. As described by Wikipedia, “Elephant in the Room” is an American English metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or Read more