Editorial Commentary


By Samantha Wharton

Riskboss Magazine Senior Editor

We are experiencing difficult times in many facets of life, and condominium communities are feeling the impact. Condominiums across the GTA are dealing with dramatic increases in workplace harassment. Property managers are exiting the industry en masse – unseen amounts in previous years. There is no time like the present to take a deep breath, pause and support each-other, your neighbours and service workers like no other time in recent history. In our last edition of Riskboss Magazine’s Elephant in the Room, we wrote about Protecting Site Personnel. We received a lot of feedback on the content of this article. Thank you for your comments.

If you would like residents in your community to receive our magazine electronically, please drop us a line, and we will make it happen. Please let us know if you want to advertise in our next edition. Our advertising costs are the lowest in the industry. Unlike all other magazines, you get absolute advertising exclusivity when you advertise with Riskboss Magazine. Social responsibility advertising is always free.

We hope you like this edition and feel that the read is time well spent.

David – Canada Postal Worker

I was given one of your magazines by a friend in the hopes that you may be able to help me with a pet peeve that I have. Can you please ask your residents to put a sticker inside their mailboxes? “No Junk Mail or Flyers” is the standard notice that will alert us postal workers not to continue placing unwanted items that are destined for the recycle bin. My route has many condos and apartments and I see an unbelievable amount of waste that can be avoided. Thank you.

Riskboss Answer:

Thank you for your request. We will include this in our next Riskboss Magazine. Riskboss Magazine has also gone paperless and green because of similar comments.

Gloria – Past Board Member

Thanks for your magazine. I enjoy your articles very much. I was quite disturbed by reading the article on the shooting of the board members and how workplace harassment seems to be so common in condos lately. Your ideas to protect site employees resonated with me and I hope they do with others.

Riskboss Answer:

Thank you for your email. We hope that people are more understanding of the impact that workplace harassment has on others, and that organizations step up and protect their workers. It is not only the right thing to do but it is the law.

Alexandra – Current Board Member

I read your article about protecting our most precious resources which are our front-line resources. These are the people who make things happen and often without ever being seen. These are the people who protect us when we are sleeping, the people who take the brunt of abuse often by delivery people and visitors who don’t respect our community. Next time you see one of our cleaners, security guards or our property manager, please thank them.

Riskboss Answer:

Thank you for your email. We wholeheartedly agree!