Worth Thinking About

Worth thinking about

Imagine for a moment that you won a prize.  Each morning $86,400 is deposited into your bank.   

BUT there are rules!

  • You have to use all the $$ each day or lose it
  • The $$ cannot be transferred to another person
  • You are the only person that can spend it
  • Each morning when you wake you get $86,400
  • The bank can end the at any time and without warning
  • If you close the account, you cannot get another one

What would you do if you had such an account?

 The prize and bank account are real!

  • Each morning you awake
  • You have the gift of life
  • Each day you get 86,400 seconds
  • When you go to sleep your account is cleared
  • You wake up again to a new 86,400 seconds
  • What will you do now with your 86,400 seconds

What are you doing with your time?