Editorial Commentary


By Samantha Wharton

Riskboss Magazine Senior Editor

We Have Heard From You – Reader Commentary

Another edition that has sparked a lot of responses, especially the article, ‘Capacity – Impact & Influence’. We always try to pick topics that other publications won’t go near. Well, we did it again this time, ‘Read This Before You Sign’ touches on a very controversial topic, how much police access is too much. Please have a read in our Elephant in the Room section, and let us know your thoughts.

We are very proud to announce a new section of the magazine, ‘Your Health, Your Risk’. Elaine Chin is a seasoned North American trailblazer of precision medicine. She is medical doctor, health coach, best-selling author and the founder of the Executive Health Centre. She is passionate about helping people live longer, more rewarding, and disability-free lives. We are passionate to have her with us as part of our magazine moving forward to help our readers with her amazing insights.

If you would like households in your community to receive our magazine electronically, please drop us a line, and we will set it up Please let us know if you want to advertise in our next edition.  Our advertising costs are the lowest in the industry. They basically cover our printing costs. Unlike all other magazines, when you advertise with Riskboss Magazine, you get absolute advertising exclusivity. Social responsibility advertising is always free. We hope you like this edition and feel that the read is time well spent.

I grew up in Toronto, having immigrated at a very early age. I remember my younger days in “Toronto the Good”. I remember when downtown Toronto was empty at night, and the clothing manufacturing area had mostly empty buildings. I worked nearby. A lot has changed. It is interesting that you also wrote about “A Tale of Two Kings” at the same time. I didn’t know that. We have come a very long way and, in my opinion, for the better.

E. Mohamed, Business Owner in Toronto

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your commentary. We agree. As we write this edition, Time Magazine ranked Toronto as one of the world’s greatest places in 2022, standing 27th place out of 53 cities on their list.

Thank you for sharing the Signal for Help. Such an important tool for those in need of help. And to think it originated in Canada – Wow – Impressive.

D. Li, Condominium Owner in Mississauga

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your commentary. Yes, it’s pretty amazing and is spreading worldwide.

We have some problem residents renting in our building that have caught the attention of authorities. Toronto Police came in and wanted our property manager to sign an access permission form. We cooperated but are still wondering about the access we granted them. Can you comment on how much we should cooperate?

S. Russo, Condominium Board Member in North York

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your email. We will write about this in our next edition because it is happening often.