Editorial Commentary


By Samantha Wharton

Riskboss Magazine Senior Editor

We received a lot of responses and commentary from out last edition, especially about the ‘Tenants Behaving Badly in Condominiums’ article. Riskboss CEO Quintin Johnstone teamed up with lawyer Gerry Miller, managing partner of Gardiner, Miller, Arnold LLP, to present an interactive seminar with Regional Managers from Crossbridge Condominium Services based on this topic. It is clear that residential condominiums are the new destination place for renters, as there have been few apartment towers built for decades in the GTA. Learn more about how some bad tenants can negatively influence entire neighbourhoods and what to do about it by reading our last edition.

COVID19 has dramatically changed  the business landscape and how many organizations operate. We are seeing more people come back to the downtown cores of major cities for work. However, reduced hours and virtual meetings are reducing travel times and keeping people home with their families. COVID19 has devasted many industries, such as restaurants. Out of this crisis, things are changing. The overwhelming increase in parcels at all residential and commercial properties has forced a complete rethink on parcel management. Virtual meetings are now the norm. It is our guess at Riskboss that all of these changes will become the new order of things. Shaking hands when greeting may be a thing of the past too. Check out our article on Capacity in the Elephant in the Room section in this edition. Another very tough topic tackled by Riskboss Magazine and a great read!

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We Have Heard From You – Reader Commentary

Serpico. What a great blast from the past! I remember watching the movie with Al Pacino when I was a kid. It took a lot for the real Frank Serpico to do what he did. Also, at the time, Al Pacino would have come under a lot of pressure for representing him in the movie.

Harry W.

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your Thank you for your commentary, Harry. We agree.

I own a condo in North York with my sister. I had no idea how bad some tenants act until a new neighbour moved in and started acting out. Yes, it actually happens. It took months and months for the property manager to deal with this person. The property manager tried to explain to me why it was taking so long. I didn’t really understand it until I read your article on bad tenants. Finally, my neighbour is out, and now we have our lives back.

Liz W., Condominium Owner in North York

Riskboss Answer: Thank you for your commentary, Liz. Yes, having bad neighbours, regardless of whether they are tenants or not, can be a real problem for all neighbours. If not handled properly, the tenant can actually go to court and win. By taking the right steps, at the right times, property managers are actually protecting the rights of all neighbours.