Riskboss Boost™

Riskboss Boost

Raising Your Bars – Decreasing Your Risk

By Quintin Johnstone, President/CEO of Riskboss Inc.

How often have you said this, “I am heading into the underground? I will have to call you back.” Everyone has done it yet when you get into the underground, not many pay attention to the fact that you are virtually alone, inaccessible and yes, vulnerable.

THE HIGHEST RISK found when Riskboss conducts Comprehensive Risk Assessments in residential and commercial buildings is the lack of reception for cellular phones, radios and medical alert devices in underground garages and other critical areas.

It’s not about improving cellular phone connectivity for general use, although that would be nice. It’s about getting connectivity when you are in a panic because of a medical emergency or when feeling threatened, and you need help right away.

Seconds always count in emergencies

The last thing you need in an emergency is to be unable to find a panic call station in the underground garage or being incapacitated and unable to call 911 for help. Even if you find and are able to get  to a panic station, it is generally unknown that localized audible alarms found in most underground garages are not connected to live operators that can coordinate assistance and response to aid people in need of help. Often underground garages contain panic alarms that when pressed, route the signal to the security desk; however, more often than not, the security guard is on patrol or dealing with some other issue and will not be available to help anyone.

There are no regulatory or government requirements for installing such systems that mandate third party monitoring in underground garages and other critical areas such as there is for elevators.

The unfortunate reality is that in most cases when you press an emergency underground panic button, help is not coming.

Cellular phones, radios used by security guards and emergency responders such as police, fire and ambulance, and medical alert devices do not work in underground garages especially in lower levels due to heavy gauge construction materials that impair signal transmission.

This creates a very high risk to everyone. Reliable communication in underground garages and other critical areas is a must for people in need of help during a medical crisis or when trying to call 911 during emergencies.

The Riskboss Boost Program (Riskboss Boost™) has been created exclusively for residential and commercial underground parking garages and other critical areas to eliminate the risk of dead zones for cellular phones, radios and medical alert devices. Dead zones are not just limited to underground garages in some towers due to environmental and structural issues. Reception in such critical areas as swimming pools and fitness centres where signals are jeopardized are required for emergencies.

The Riskboss Boost program consists of the following:
  1. On-site analysis by highly accredited technicians
  2. Analysis of on-site vulnerabilities
  3. A menu of recommendations to clients
  4. Installation of state-of-the-art hardware & software solutions by certified technicians
  5. Ongoing monitoring and support
  6. Extended warranty and service options
  7. Financial plans that meet every budget

All residential and commercial towers have structural qualities that require tailor-made and unique solutions. Using a cookie-cutter approach and retail options to eliminate such risk is never recommended. Contact Riskboss for a free no-obligation quote and eliminate your risk today, riskbossboost.com/ca.