Editorial Commentary


By Samantha Wharton

Riskboss Magazine Senior Editor

Most initially thought it would be over relatively quickly, but we all know now that this is not the case. COVID19 and the dramatic impact it has had on the world appears to be staying with us for some time longer. Again, we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. It will pass, but not before taking a mind-bending toll on society. Please keep safe, help others and keep your distance!

Our last edition received incredible reviews, particularly the article on human trafficking in condominiums that received 1,500 hits the first week. Thanks to Sandy Biback and the team at Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking (www.mpaht.com) for all the hard but important work that they do. Please support them in this very worthy cause.

Our Manhattan historian Joyce Gold has created a very detailed article in this edition on the 19th anniversary of 911. We offer our prayers and support to all the victims and their families. If you have never been to lower Manhattan at Ground Zero, please reach out to Joyce for a personal tour of the neighbourhood. It is something you will always remember.

As always, we want to hear from you on what is important, and we will research and respond with content-rich articles. Our use of subject matter experts ensures objective and credible responses to your inquiries and ideas.

If you would like to advertise in our next edition, please let us know. Our advertising costs are the lowest in the industry. They cover our printing costs. Additionally, unlike other magazines, you get advertising exclusivity.

We hope you like this edition and feel that it is time well spent.


Reader Commentary

“I am completely disillusioned with some service providers during COVID19 at our condo. I have seen our security staff who used to work 8-10 hour shifts now sometimes working very long hours and sometimes double shifts and our cleaners simply look exhausted. We also see new faces all the time now. As I understand it, some companies are taking on a lot of extra contracts during the pandemic without the capacity to handle the work just to make extra money. This is simply unacceptable and puts their employees and our residents at risk. Our current Board put a stop to this at our site, and I thank them for that. I hope other board members at other sites do the same.”

Former Board Member (Name Withheld at Request) Large Residential Condominium at CityPlace, Toronto

“Thank you Riskboss for writing this extremely important article on Human Trafficking and helping those who live and work in condos that yes, it happens ‘there’ too. We at Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking appreciate spreading the awareness so everyone can be on alert and know what to do if they even think they see something. The attention the article has gotten and will continue to get is a step in the right direction to help stop human trafficking in our backyards.”

Sandy Biback, Founder, Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking